Spring Virtual Conference April 17-18th | In-Person Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX Oct 24-26th

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Breaking Silos, Building Bridges: Uniting for Whole Person Health | Spring Virtual Conference – April 17th-18th

Breaking Silos, Building Bridges: Uniting for Whole Person Health marks our second spring virtual conference, an event focused on recognizing the crucial contributions of every team member in an integrated care system. From those in administrative roles within larger systems to specific team members operating in clinic settings, our conference aims to unite professionals advocating for whole-person health. Join us virtually as we explore innovative approaches, share insights, and foster collaboration across the spectrum of integrated care, breaking down silos and building bridges for a holistic and inclusive healthcare future.

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30 Years of Integration: Innovating in the Pursuit of Healing | In-Person Conference – San Antonio, TX – October 24th-26th

Integrated care has been our guiding force for healing over the past 30 years, marked by the evolution from the Collaborative Family Health Care Coalition to the present-day Collaborative Family Healthcare Association. As we celebrate this milestone at the 2024 CFHA Conference in San Antonio, we reflect on the resilience and innovation that have fueled integrated care through pandemics, social challenges, and healthcare reforms.

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Thirty years ago the Collaborative Family Health Care Coalition (CFHCC) was formed to develop, research, teach, and promote family-oriented collaborative approaches to health care. The first CFHCC conference titled Transforming the Practice of Health Care: The Collaborative Solution was held in 1995. Fast forward to the present and we are now celebrating the 30th year of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association, formerly known as the Collaborative Family Health Care Coalition. 

Over the last three decades, integrated care has leaped toward innovation and responded to the ever-growing needs of our healthcare landscape. The terrain has not always been the most fertile, yet integrated care has flourished along with the evidence supporting integrated care. As we have endured pandemics and the subsequent social isolation, climate crises, gun violence, an awareness of systemic racism, and socio-political changes, healthcare has rebounded into a new hybrid era of digital and relational shifts. Rather than stump the growth of integration, these events have contributed to strengthening our commitment, creativity, and innovation in the pursuit of healing. Our relationships anchor us, and our mission drives us to best meet the needs of the communities we serve regardless of the circumstances encountered.  

Integrated care holds the space for healing. Our annual conference is a perfect opportunity to reflect on our own practices, innovations, and teams and learn about technology, evidence-based care, policy, and funding in the context of socio-political changes and healthcare reform. 

Welcome to San Antonio! The seventh largest city in the USA is a vivacious bicultural city that celebrates its rich diversity year-round through art, heritage, food, and culture. The city is home to unique attractions, historical sites, exceptional gastronomy, and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the family. 

We are expecting 1,000 attendees at the 2024 CFHA Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Join us as we celebrate 30 years of innovation in the pursuit of healing!

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