Collaborative Family Healthcare Association's 21st Annual Conference,

October 17-19, 2019, Denver, CO

October 17-19, 2019, Sheraton, Downtown Denver, CO

Our Generation Integration: Building The Integrated Care Workforce

The Premier Conference For The Integration of Behavioral Health & Medicine

CFHA Presents

Earn up to 22

continuing education credits

(AMA Cat 1/ APA)

Maximize your continuing education credits by coming to our Extended Learning Opportunities on the morning of the 17th and enhance your learning by attending the post-conference PCBH Community Forum* on the 20th!


*PCBH Community Forum is a separate registration. CFHA attendees receive a discount by using the promo code: PCBH2019.

About This Conference


About CFHA


Physician Spotlight


Training Generations.  Increasingly, the need for a highly trained workforce is the bottleneck that limits the rate of growth in integrated care efforts. This conference will meet those needs by preparing early career professionals for team-based care, by assisting mid-career professionals in repurposing their skills for primary care, and by engaging senior leaders in advocacy and mentorship. With up to 20 CEs available for most professionals this conference is a unique training opportunity. We will also focus on clinician wellness for all stages of professional development.


Multiple Generations. CFHA was founded on the recognition that health care is inherently multigenerational. At CFHA, family is at the heart of health care, and the conference will equip you with skills for providing integrated behavioral health services that embrace individual patients, their families, and their communities.


Denver is the perfect crossroads for this conference at this time. Colorado is finishing a 3 year federally-funded initiative to ensure that 80% of Coloradans have integrated behavioral health services in their primary care office. Colorado boast several universities and training programs at the vanguard of training for integration. Denver is a city hopping with the energy of youth.


More than 700 attendees from all guild groups (eg. family medicine, social work, psychology, marriage & family etc.) and stakeholders (eg. foundations, payers) are expected to attend the 2019 CFHA Conference in downtown Denver, Colorado.


Earn Up To 22 Continuing Education Credits!

A Conference Centered On

Workforce Development

For All Members of The Care Team


  • Extended Learning Opportunities Long format training held on the Thursday prior to opening plenary. Roll over dots for more:
  • Plenary Sessions. Our large group sessions focus on big picture topics in the world of healthcare. Check them out!
  • Concurrent Sessions. Our small group sessions help you dig deeper into key topics. Check out our session selection here or view the schedule.
  • Who Should Come? Anyone in settings such as primary care, specialty care settings, hospital care, private and university research settings, specialty mental health, payer and advocacy groups, policy think tanks and foundations.

Community, Content & Consultation: CFHA Leads The Way


CFHA is a 501c3 not-for-profit member association that provides a community for all healthcare guilds and stakeholders, expert content on integrated care and technical assistance support to promote the proliferation of integrated care projects nationally. We are a 20+ year old association whose conference has become the marquee integrated care event of the year. For more, click here.


If you would like to see a CFHA conference in your city/ region, click here!


Our Mission: CFHA supports healthcare professionals in integrating physical and behavioral health.


Our Vision: All healthcare teams provide patients and families an optimal and fully integrated experience in the pursuit of health and healing.


Our Values: CFHA envisions seamless collaboration between psychosocial, biomedical and all other healthcare providers and views patients and families as equal partners in the healthcare process. CFHA values...


all stakeholders   •   supporting the development of Early Career Professionals   •   a culture of shared learning   •   diversity and equity   •   systems thinking   •   social justice   •   the scientific process to acquire and disseminate evidence   •  innovation

•   community   •   the Quadruple Aim   •   high quality products to the field

Thursday, October 17th


Extended Learning Opportunities (More)




Opening Plenary

"Near Horizon, Far Horizon: Healthcare Policy & Integrated Care"

Friday, October 18th- Saturday October 19th


Conference Plenary Sessions

"Building Integrated Care At the Statewide Level: The Colorado Story" &

"Improvisation and The Art of Medicine" &

"Keys, Vocals, Jokes and Medicine"




Conference Concurrent Sessions and

Small Group Meetings (More)

Sunday, October 20th


Post-Conference Event:

Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) Community Forum


Discount for CFHA Attendees*. Use Promo Code: PCBH2019


*Registration is separate from CFHA conference registration.

Key Dates & Logistics Information

  • Conference occurs on Oct. 17-19, 2019 (with a post-conference event on Sunday the 20th until 3 PM)
  • Lodging: Sheraton Downtown Denver, 1550 Court Place, Denver, CO 80202
  • Continuing Education Info, Click Here (22 AMA PRA Cat 1; 22 APA)

Andrew Valeras, DO, MPH

"As a physician interested in quality improvement, I knew whatever change was needed, it would require a team. 7 years ago I felt lost in the wilderness when trying to pull team members together, and then I found CFHA."

Top 7 Reasons You Should Attend


  1. Great CME content (earn up to 22 AMA PRA Cat 1 credits) to help you build your integrated care teams.
  2. Learn practical skills to manage an integrated care team as a leader & improve efficiency in your clinic
  3. Enhance skills in working with patients with medically unexplained symptoms
  4. Improve soft skills like connecting with patients and leading a team that they didn’t teach you in medical school
  5. Network with colleagues across all disciplines to develop lasting relationships.
  6. Bring the latest innovations in integrated care back to your home clinic/system!
  7. Denver has great beer!



Medical Provider Content Sample


  • Preparing Physicians to Practice Integrated Behavioral Health: A Pilot Study for Competency-Based Curriculum
  • Turning the Queen Mary: or How a System Supported Psychiatry’s Partnership with Primary Care
  • Putting the "Family" Back into Family Medicine Resident Education: Four Pragmatic Methods
  • More...


Sponsorship Has Its Benefits!


CFHA has a unique audience of health professionals across all disciplines, healthcare leaders, payers, foundations, and academic professionals all interested in developing the modern care team and promoting the integration of behavioral health and medicine. We are pleased to expose our audience to organizations that share this vision. We anticipate over 600 participants in Denver!


To inquire about sponsorship, Contact Us or complete this form.







Sterling Sponsor, $50,000+

  • Principle benefits plus below
  • Premium media package including podcast sponsorship for 6 months
  • Central slideshow on the main CFHA page
  • Marquee placement on the conference webpage
  • Acknowledgment on the CFHA news site
  • Exhibit space in prominent location
  • Seven (7) complimentary conference registrations

Principle Sponsor, $20,000+

  • Premiere sponsor benefits plus below
  • Recognition as sponsor on mobile app opening page and CFHA website homepage
  • Recognition as sponsor in one of three plenary sessions.
  • Opportunity to address audience at one of three plenary sessions. Five minutes max.
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  • Five (5) complimentary conference registrations

Premiere Sponsor, $10,000+

  • Major sponsor benefits plus below
  • Recognition as sponsor in one of three plenary sessions.
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Major Sponsor, $7,500+

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Supporting Sponsor, $5,000+

  • Advocate sponsor benefits plus below
  • Recognition as sponsor for pre-conference session, coffee break, or scholarships
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Advocate Sponsor, $1,500+

  • Organization logo and link on the CFHA website and in conference program
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Venue & Travel Information

Sheraton Downtown Denver